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1 min read

Cleaning up Lambda Logs with CloudFormation

Is your CloudWatch Logs console full of old log groups? Got 50 pages of Lambda log groups? Don't worry, I have the solution for you! The issue here is not the cost; While there is a cost associated [] with keeping your log groups around, it's pretty small. The real...

1 min read

"exec format error" from SAM Local with Golang on Mac

I was getting my hands dirty with AWS SAM Local [] and Golang based functions the other day (since golang function support was added in 0.2.7 []), and ran it to a basic - but cryptic - error that took...

4 min read

Getting Started with AWS SAM Local

The AWS blog gave me a very pleasant surprise the other day: AWS SAM Local [] is in public beta. It's a golang CLI project that's distributed via NPM []. SAM Local leverages Docker [] to run you code in local...