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5 min read

Serverless Cost Containment

Serverless soultions is can be incredibly cheap due to their event-based nature - if your system isn't working, you pay barely anything for it. But if you're not careful, serverless can still result in some nasty surprises when it comes to costs....

1 min read

Cleaning up Lambda Logs with CloudFormation

Is your CloudWatch Logs console full of old log groups? Got 50 pages of Lambda log groups? Don't worry, I have the solution for you! The issue here is not the cost; While there is a cost associated [] with keeping your log groups around, it's pretty small. The real...

1 min read

Serverless AWS Twitter List

Got Twitter? Want serverless? Here are my favourite accounts - in no particular order - to keep up to date with the good serverless news and content out there. AWS Obviously the AWS staff and accounts are a good source of platform news and updates: @chuckm [] CloudFormation Developer Advocate @paulmaddox [https:...