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Serverless AWS Twitter List

Got Twitter? Want serverless?

Here are my favourite accounts - in no particular order - to keep up to date with the good serverless news and content out there.


Obviously the AWS staff and accounts are a good source of platform news and updates:

@chuckm CloudFormation Developer Advocate
@paulmaddox SAM Local creator
@sanathkr_ SAM creator
@IanMmmm Developer Evangelist
@ajaynairthinks Lambda Product Manager
@alex_casalboni Serverless Champion, AWS Technical Evangelist
@jrhunt Software Engineer
@chrismunns Developer Advocate
@abbyfuller Developer Evangelist
@timallenwagner Lambda General Manager
@cicikendiggit Lambda Developer


These community accounts are great for the non-official serverless content such as articles, events, and commentary:

@ServerlessCity News aggregator
@ServerlessOpsIO Blog
@ben11kehoe AWS Serverless Community Hero
@esh AWS Community Hero
@mipsytipsy Observability Guru
@QuinnyPig Cloud Economist and author of the Last Week in AWS newsletter and the Screaming in the Cloud podcast
@serverlesscast Serverless podcast
@mavi888uy AWS Serverless Community Hero
@Serverlessconf ServerlessConf organisation
@goserverless The Serverless Framework
@marknca AWS Community Hero
@KroonenburgRyan AWS Community Hero

If after all that you still haven't got enough, check me out too: @elrowan