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All about the AWS Identity & Access Management service

2 min read

AWS IAM Access Analyzer Policy Validation Checks

While I found the recently announced list of checks that IAM Access Analyzer performs on your policies buried deep in the documentation, it wasn't as easy to navigate as I would've liked. Here's the full list of the check names, since most of them are pretty self explanatory: Error – ARN account not allowed Error – ARN...

3 min read

Effective Actions for AWS IAM

TL;DR I made Effective IAM Actions [], a small tool to expand wildcards "*"in IAM Policy Actions [] so that you can see explicitly what permissions are granted by a policy. It supports multiple statements in each policy, Allow...

1 min read

Federated CodeCommit Access

CodeCommit access via federated credentials is the way to go. You're not using long-lived Access Keys are you? Bad engineer! Stop that! For better or worse, federated IAM access requires you to use the HTTPS endpoint with a git credential helper. Adding the following to your ~/.gitconfig file (obviously set the region value as appropriate)...