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2 min read

Top 10 AWS Serverless Resources

With so much buzz around serverless at re:Invent [] 2017, I thought it would be a good time to highlight the best places and resources to find AWS-specific serverless information: 1. AWS re:Invent 2017 Serverless Breakout Sessions on YouTube [] This...

1 min read

Real World Serverless Application Examples

UPDATED: Added examples from submissions. I love seeing real-world serverless applications. This post is a collection of the best examples, break-downs, and deep-dive articles and videos I've come across recently: * [] is a nice write-up on all the components in their serverless stack. * TubeAlert [

1 min read

Serverless Weekly News

I really enjoy my [] weekly [] newsletters [] and I didn't get to go to ServerlessConf in Austin [] last week, so instead I started the Severless Weekly News []! I'll go in to how I build it in a future...

1 min read

Redirects in Serverless

Now that the Lambda Proxy Integration [] is a thing for API GW [], performing redirects is a much simpler - and more sane - thing to do in your Serverless [] service. In my own case I was wanting...

1 min read

CloudFormation Stack Resources Summary

We were having a discussion over on the Serverless Forum [] about CloudFormation resources, and I came up with this AWS CLI command that I could see myself using later, so I'm going to put it here so I don't forget. The Serverless Framework is great because it...

1 min read

The Serverless Compute Manifesto

While watching the Building Complex Serverless Applications [] talk from re:Invent 2016 I discovered The Serverless Compute Manifesto. I couldn't find it reproduced in an easy to use format, so here it is for future reference - yours and mine: * Function are the unit of deployment and scaling....